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Dear Karatekas,

The Summer 2022 session will start Saturday, June 25 at LSCDN.

We are a Montreal-based club, offering JKA Shotokan-style karate classes in the Cotes-des-Neiges area as well as at the downtown campus of Concordia University.

The original Shidokan dojo was formed by Sensei Nakamura in 1973. Many of the students of the 70's have begun teaching at their own clubs both in Quebec and elsewhere. Francois Gelinas continues an early class with many of Quebec's senpais (senior karate members). Melarie Taylor initiates the newer generation of students. The Shidokan name is also found in British Columbia and Japan where it has been promoted by Sensei Sakurai and Don Sharp.

We are members of the both the national JKA SKD and international Japan Karate Association organizations, allowing us to take part in many exciting events both locally and all over the world. We also participate regularly in the Jeux de Montreal and the Concordia University Annual Karate Competition.